The World of Fashion Wonders!

The journey from an idea to Alisa as she is today is a path scattered with stones that I carefully collected from around the world over the years. Ideas unfolded on their own with each journey…

The guiding star for launching Alisa was the fact that there is little room for expressing personal style for today’s women in the sea of trends and collections that resemble each other.

We have nowhere to buy something extraordinary, timeless, unique, yet at an affordable price for every woman.

That’s why Alisa fashion world quickly gained the affection of women around the world!

Quality materials

Our values

Alisa is a fusion of Eastern tradition and modern, daring ideas from the West. It is a meeting of different styles from history at the threshold of today’s contemporary fashion desires of women around the world.

Our philosophy

She blends elegance with comfort and trend with uniqueness.

Alisa is everything a woman needs to be both a joyful girl always ready for action and an elegant lady who takes your breath away!

The best colour in the

world is the one that

looks good on you!

- Coco Chanel